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The Kids Potential Team

Kids Potential are proud of our strong team of Occupational Therapists who are experienced, fully qualified with a wide range of expertise.


Our Director

Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson (Director) holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland.


Through her career, Donna has worked with both adults and children, and has specialised in paediatrics over the past 10 years working in clinics, homes and schools in both Australia and in the UK. This has involved providing direct 1:1 therapy, group therapy, education to parents and teachers and equipment prescription.


Donna applies her training in neurological, cognitive and functional assessment to continually evaluate progress and to support children and their families within their environments. Donna uses different intervention approaches, such as the Sensory Integration Theory, DIR/Floortime (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based) model, and developmental intervention based strategies in which she has training and experience in.


Donna enjoys working with children and their parents to assist in the development of skills to meet their individual goals and full potential.

Our Experienced Occupational Therapists

Taylah Photo
Taylah Conley

Taylah Conley graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours). Her main passion is reducing the barriers that stop kids from being kids and doing what they need and want to do everyday. She achieves this by collaborating with the family and significant others to understand the child and provide evidence based 1:1 intervention, environmental adaptations, and parental coaching. Understanding the why behind children’s difficulties allows Taylah to make progress in a range of skills, including self-care and feeding, motor, handwriting, visual perception, emotional regulation, and sensory processing. A practical, functional approach is used to ensure children can generalise their skills across their environments. The needs of each individual child are always prioritised with a strong emphasis on building trust and relationship with each client and family. 

Taylah has completed further training in the following areas: 

  • Developmental, Individual-differences, & Relationship-based model (DIR Floortime) 
  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding
  • Alex Kelly Talkabout Social Skills 
  • Kelly Mahler Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System
  • Trauma Responsive Practice
  • Informal learning: Primitive Reflexes, Sensory Processing, Circle of Security and more.

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